Tatwamasi – (Tat-tva-masi) is a unique dance presentation in Mohiniyattam Saptam format highlighting the fact that there is only one God known to different faiths in varied names. The dancers unfold this truth through the story of Ayyapa, The Lord of Sabarimala. The devotees once they wear the black dress during the time of the pligrimage are called as ayyapa showing that the divinity is within yourself . Vavar Swami, a Muslim, was a very close friend of Ayyapa and you have to pay your obeisance to Vavar befor you reach the sanctum scanctorum. The pilgrims coming from south Kerala visit the Arthungal Church of Saint Sebastian before proceeding to Sabarimala. This dance piece stresses on the inter -religious unity.

Lyrics by Sri. P. Rajasekhar – (GM Technical Inkel Ltd. & author of many Kathakali attakadhakal). Composed & sung by Sri Kottakal Madhu (leading Kathakali singer of Kerala)