With over 3 decades of artistic excellence under her belt, Mrs. Surendran has led a pioneering life in Cochin as an artist. Aunty, as she is fondly addressed by everyone at Dharani, has dedicated her life to bringing the best of performing arts to Kerala and insisting on excellence and intellectual curiosity amongst her students. Dharani is a testament to the legacy of a woman’s quest to transform an education in arts and culture, in a land obsessed with competitiveness in the sphere of performing arts. Aunty has made it her mission to revolutionize the lives of those who come in contact with Dharani, by educating, entertaining and enlightening those who come to her seeking an education in performing arts.

Mrs. Dandapani s a senior advocate at the Ernakulam High Court and has been an active member of the Dharani Society since 2014. Mrs. Dandapani is also a dance student at Dharani and actively engages with the students of the school. Mrs. Dandapani has been a great source of support to Dharani through the years.

Mrs. Rajani Ramkumar has been a active member of Dharani for over a decade. She brings an exuberant, creative aspect to all her endeavours at Dharani. Mrs. Ramkumar is a talented Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam dancer and a bhajan singer. She regularly performs at various temple events. Mrs. Ramkumar is also an academic consultant and coaches students in their academic pursuits. She is a gold medalist in Botany from M.S. Baroda University.

Mrs. Geetha A. Menon has been associated with Dharani since 2010, she works tirelessly to bring together the various nuances of accounting. Mrs. Menon is also a talented artist and is a very successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Mrs. Joseph is a senior advocate at the Ernakulam High Court, and a member and student at Dharani since 2012. As a member of Dharani Mrs. Joseph has been instrumental in bringing together various aspects and helping Dharani over the years.

Mrs. Hanish is an exceptionally talented dancer. Her nuanced abhinaya and deft choreography have informed the education of many other students at Dharani. Mrs. Hanish is also an extremely well informed teacher of Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattam.

Mrs. Thankappan is a Senior Advocate and a Government Pleader at the Ernakulam High court. Despite leading such a hectic schedule, Mrs. Thankappan has been involved with Dharani as a student and a society member since 2014.

Mrs. Sindhu Sunny
Committee Member

Mrs. Sunny has been associated with Dharani for over decade. Starting as a student, she is now an integral member in the Dharani ensemble. Mrs. Sunny is an exceptional dancer, and a nuanced teacher of Bharathanatyam, and Mohiniyattam. She is a dedicated dancer and teacher. Having understood Dharani from her various roles at the organization, Mrs. Sunny is an active member of the committee.

Mrs. Vasanthakumari T.L
Committee Member

Mrs. Vasanthakumari has been an active member of Dharani, contributing to various aspects of the workings of Dharani. Mrs. Vasanthakumari is a home-maker and brings her expertise to Dharani.

Mrs. Urmila Ranjit
Committee Member

Mrs. Ranjit has had an illustrious career as an educator. She was the former principal of Chinmaya Vidyalaya and continues to be a mentor to many children. At Dharani, she is an active committee member and continues to support our work.

Mrs. Anita Prince
Committee Member

Mrs. Prince has been a long time student of Dharani, or as well call it, one of the ‘pioneers’. Being an exceptional dancer, Mrs. Prince runs her own dance school in Angamaly, she contributes and participates in Dharani activities.